An Overview of
The Great Work

The Great Work with Tiffany Lazic

Workshop Presenter: Tiffany Lazic

Join us at LightQuest Retreat Center where we welcome back Tiffany Lazic for a Full Day workshop on 'An Overview of The Great Work'. The Great Work is a powerful, integrative healing modality that identifies key issues in emotional health and provides physical, energetic and intuitive tools to move into balance and wholeness. It is the illumination of the "Patterns of Conscious Living" and can be used for personal development or enfolded into an existing practice for practitioners. Are you looking for a transformative and magical approach to your own self-development? Are you looking for a healing modality that creates cohesion in your current practice? The Great Work is the most important work you can do for yourself.

Please bring a brown bag lunch to enjoy. Refreshments will be served.

For more information on this workshop or to request registration, please email


If there is enough interest, Tiffany will be back to run 'The Great Work Intensive' at a later date here at LightQuest Retreat! What a wonderful opportunity for this area!!

The Great Work grew out of a passion for psychotherapy, alternative healing practices and ancient Western spirituality based on the rhythms and cycles of Nature.

Focusing on the common themes that appear in ancient Western cultures, this system recognizes the relationship we have with our natural environment in conjunction with timeless mythological themes for the purpose of supporting individual inner growth and change.

The Great Work presents a comprehensive, cohesive approach to:
Developmental needs from infancy to elderhood
The healing journey from Crisis to Fulfillment
The main archetypes of experience
Components of healthy relationships with self & others
Working with Elemental alignment
Working with Intuitive Tools & Higher Guidance
Maintaining Energetic balance
Incorporating learning from past and future lives
Symbols for activating balance in each Cycle

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