Reiki & Restorative Yoga

About Restorative Yoga

Come and enjoy an evening at LightQuest Retreat Center. This 2 hour event will relax and heal and open our hearts.

Restorative Yoga honours the innate wisdom of the body, mind and spirit as we slow down and take the time to witness the processes of all layers of the self. In a culture that focuses on 'doing' more than 'being' this class offers techniques to bridge that gap and bring us back home to the essence of who we are. Cultivate an awareness of self-care principles and an awareness of how our bodies respond to stress and realization. Allow your nervous system to unwind, restore optimal functioning and find freedom within. In this class you will develop the ability to respond to your body's needs and guide you to a deep relaxation response physically, intellectually and emotionally. Through mindful restoration and relaxation we arrive a place of deep inner calm, self-awareness and revitalization.

In this event you will also receive the renewing benefits of Reiki from Cindy deJong, Master Teacher of Reiki, to aid in deepening the experience.

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"The Reiki Restorative was amazing! Both Dawson and I REALLY enjoyed the session. We felt like we "floated" back to the lake here! Cindy did a beautiful job of holding space and her hands on energy was powerful! Would definitely do another session again if my schedule allowed it!! Thank you for hosting this beautiful event!" ~Shannon

"I enjoyed the evening very much! I look forward to keeping in touch in the future and enjoying further experiences." ~ Lisa

"It was perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed the session." ~Jackie

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