Meditation - The Basics

Workshop Presenter, Diana Beach

An Introduction to Meditation - The Basics

Curious about Meditation? What is it, how do you do it, the different types, is it for me?

This interactive workshop offers instruction, practice and handouts to begin your exploration of meditation and the benefits it can offer. If you are searching for inner peace, seeking release of old patterns and a connection to the silent awareness within, this workshop will support you on your personal journey.

Meditation has gained increased popularity in our Western culture as the benefits become widely known. This workshop will provide some basics information on meditation, outline the benefits it offers, and will give you a practical application to practice in your daily life. Workshop seating can be either on a chair or mat depending on your comfort level. If you are looking to reduce anxiety, increase relaxation & well being, reconnect with inner wisdom, or simply curious, sign up and enjoy 2 hours of peace and healing.

Workshops are scheduled throughout the year.
Please contact us for more information by phone at (519) 524-5543 or email.

PRIVATE GROUP SESSIONS Meditation sessions can be booked on or off site for community organizations, businesses or individuals. Sessions are offered as a 'one time' workshop, or in a series of your choosing. This is a creative and transforming time for front line coworkers, management, or combined staff. We are happy to customize our Meditation offerings to meet your needs. Contact us for more information

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS If you wish to receive one to one training in meditation basics, or focused sessions to encourage the release of fear and anxiety, individual sessions are available upon request. Contact us for more information

INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION WORKSHOPS An 'Introduction to Meditation - The Basics' Workshop is held on a regular basis. Please email for the next scheduled date

CONTINUING MEDITATION CLASSES Continuing Meditation Classes support those who have established an existing meditation practice and are looking to deepen their practice as well as experience various forms & techniques.

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